New Single When Push Comes To Shove

on dec 1, 2014

This song emerged from the experience in life that sometimes the ones you thought who could be trusted can also disappoint you. And you question your friendships and people who are in your life. So when push comes to shove, “can I trust you, can I believe you”?

And when you think you know somebody, it doesn’t mean you know what’s in the depth of the heart. Don’t let this get you down or bring you to a place of distrusting everybody, but learn that it’s the best thing to protect each other from wrong steps and if that does not work, let go.

Recently the studio where we recording our second album bought a vintage Hohner Clavinet E7 and a Hammond C3 + Leslie 122 and we used these wonderful vintage instruments in this song. We also used the drum intro that we took from the demo version, played by our beloved friend Rick Duijn who unfortunately passed away in 2011. The demo recording of this song was recorded in 2010. It’s a great honor to re-use this drum track from Rick, so that he’s still present in this new song.


Listen to the preview of When push comes to shove

Check this video for the making of When push comes to shove

Two boys in a candy store, this was the first time we heard and played the Hammond organ after she had a big revision.

When push comes to shove
Words: Rebecca Wezenbeek
Music: Helmoet Hendriks

Drums: Rick Duijn/Peter Wezenbeek
Bas: Marco van Trigt
Wurlitzer/clavinet: Erwin Aubroeck
Hammond organ: Erwin Aubroeck
Ac guitar: Thomas Bekhuis/Helmoet Hendriks
El guitar: Thomas Bekhuis/ Robin van Rijswijk
Percussion: Peter Wezenbeek/Erwin Gosenson
Lead vocal: Rebecca Wezenbeek
Backing vocals: Rebecca Wezenbeek

Engineer: Peter Wezenbeek
Arrangements: Peter Wezenbeek
Produced & mixdown: Peter Wezenbeek

This song is recorded in Droomtent Recording Studio.  Many thanks to all the musicians and Droomtent Recording Studio for an unforgettable time.

This song is available on iTunes

Enjoy our music, Rebecca & Helmoet